“Conquering Self-Doubt: My Journey to Shedding 100kg and Inspiring Others

I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and triumph. My name is Bjorn, and I defied all odds to transform my life, shedding 100kg in order to support my family. Along the way, I not only found the strength to overcome self-doubt but also ignited a fire of inspiration in others through my platform, Bjorniverse. Let me share with you the incredible story of my transformation.

Section 1: Awakening to the Need for Change

I vividly remember the moment I realized I needed to make a change. Working a physically demanding job, my own weight crushed my feet, making it unbearable to continue. My family depended on me, and I knew I had to lose weight to provide for them. It took me five long years, but I finally achieved my weight loss goal. However, in my dedication to caring for my loved ones, I lost sight of my own needs and ambitions. The desire to prioritize myself and work towards my personal goals often took a backseat to the demands of others.

Section 2: Rebuilding from the Breakdown

After experiencing a challenging breakup that left me with nothing – no partner, no home, and shattered dreams – I hit rock bottom. It was a wake-up call that forced me to reevaluate my life and reconsider my priorities. I came to a realization that my tendency to talk a big game without taking action was holding me back. I yearned for attention, but words alone wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Section 3: Embracing Accountability and New Beginnings

In the midst of my soul-searching, fate introduced me to some remarkable individuals who held me accountable for my actions. They didn’t shy away from pointing out my tendency to make empty promises. Their words hit hard, and I realized I needed to change. One day, I boldly declared that I would run a 10-mile race, giving myself six months to train. However, despite the ample time I had, I failed to utilize it effectively. Instead of succumbing to self-doubt, I reminded myself that this journey had to be for me, not to meet others’ expectations. Deep down, I had harbored this dream since I was 16 years old.

Section 4: Confronting Doubts and Overcoming Challenges

As the race day approached, I found myself grappling with doubt. Yet, the knowledge that many people were aware of my commitment pushed me forward. I had transformed into a person who honored his words. During the race, I encountered a critical moment between the 8km and 12km mark. This uncharted territory was mentally demanding, and I had to dig deep within myself to find the strength to push through. It was during this phase that my mind went on autopilot, and I couldn’t recall certain parts of the race. The final 5km presented a daunting challenge – a tunnel where oxygen was scarce. I suffered an asthma attack, slowing my pace. But I focused on regulating my breathing and emerged from the tunnel, feeling rain on my face and inhaling deeply. Only 2km remained until the finish line. As I turned the last bend, I spotted my supporters and drew immense strength from their presence.

Section 5: Triumph and Inspiring Others

Drawing upon the energy of the crowd, I raised my arm in triumph, and to my surprise, a friend joined me, running alongside through the cheering spectators. The surge of power and overwhelming emotions I experienced in that moment were indescribable. I realized that the impossible had become possible. Crossing the finish line, I left all my doubts and fears behind on the course. The medal around my neck felt like a dream come true. Reflecting on that experience, it still feels surreal. For the first time, my perseverance had led me to achieve something that nobody believed I could. People later confessed their concerns, as the GPS tracking had trouble locating me in the tunnels, fueling their worries.

Section 6: Inspiring Others and the Birth of Bjorniverse

Little did I know at the time, my seemingly impossible feat opened doors for others. People in my community discovered newfound confidence, realizing that if I could accomplish such a remarkable feat, they could too. Motivated by this realization, I established Bjorniverse – a platform not just to challenge myself but also to inspire others on their transformative journeys. It became a shared learning curve where we uplifted and supported one another.


My journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. By defying expectations and achieving what seemed impossible, I not only transformed my own life but also ignited a spark of inspiration within my community. Together, let us embrace Bjorniverse, embarking on our own transformative adventures, conquering the impossible, and revealing our true potential.

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